Climate Engineering / Chemical Streaming


Alternative media outlets are being flooded with information on climate engineering, geo-engineering, chemtrails and chemical streaming. If you don't like the idea of chemicals being dumped from the sky onto your head, you might want to inform yourself about these things as well. Although the liberal media has not given much coverage to this topic, the internet is brimming with articles, videos and commentaries trying to alert people to climate engineering and chemtrails. If you do a Google search on the term “climate engineering,” you will find at least 206,000,000 results. If you do a similar Google search on chemtrails, you will find at least 2,820,000 results. That is because people are concerned over the dangers that climate engineering poses to their health and they are seeking to inform themselves and their families.

Climate engineering, also known as geo-engineering, is an intentional, large-scale, man-made intervention and alteration of Earth's climatic system. It is possible to significantly alter the atmosphere of areas and regions through the use of powerful chemicals ejected into the upper atmosphere. This method of altering the atmosphere has become known as chemical streaming. The streams of chemicals that may or may not have been seen in the sky have been called chemtrails. Chemical streaming is not the only form of climate engineering.

How did the public become aware of chemical streaming? There are numerous people who formerly worked in the United States military, and at least one individual, the late Ted Gunderson, who formerly worked as head of the Los Angeles FBI, who have come forward as whistle blowers trying to alert the public to chemical streaming. Ted Gunderson, after retiring from the FBI, became a public speaker who warned people about secret Satanic groups and a New World Order. His name is mentioned here because he testified to having knowledge of chemical streaming, not only in the United States but in Canada, as well. He also claimed to have seen some of the planes as they were stationery on an Air Force base.1 One of the main voices drawing attention to chemtrails has been ex-military bio-engineer, Kristen Meghan. In her article, “Geoengineering : The Elephant in the Sky,” she has said that chemtrails have been employed by the U.S. government, involving spraying of heavy metals and damaging chemicals into the atmosphere.2

What possibly could be one of the numerous reasons for polluting the atmosphere with these chemicals? Wikipedia gives solar radiation management as a reason for climate engineering. What does this mean? There are two main schools of thought regarding climatism. Many scientists today believe that carbon emissions and greenhouse gases have damaged the ozone layer and have created a condition of global warming. Another school of scientists claim that these gases are not significantly affecting global temperatures. It is the first group of scientists who dominate the liberal media and the educational system and who have the United Nations behind them pushing for action. The United Nations through initiatives such as Agenda 21,(For more information on Agenda 21, read my article Preparing for Globalism. Part 2) and many others, are battling the supposed global warming of the Earth. In this case, the mainstream scientific community has been radicalized by environmentalists. Many politicians today have been converted into radical environmentalists and some, apparently, are willing to resort to solar radiation management, climate engineering and chemical streaming to battle supposed global warming. If this is correct, then some leaders believe that the atmosphere and the ozone layer are so far gone, they consider our present situation to be such an emergency that they are willing to pump our atmosphere with chemicals, regardless of the danger that this poses to people. What are these chemicals supposed to do? According to Wikipedia, upper atmosphere based solar radiation management methods may include aluminum oxide particles, reflective aerosols and stratospheric sulfate aerosols, used to increase the reflectivity of Earth's atmosphere and to deflect sunlight away from our planet.

Dr. John Holdren, assistant to former U.S. President Obama for science and technology and director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, says; “My personal opinion is that we have to keep geo-engineering on the table. We have to look at it very carefully because we might get desperate enough to want to have to use it.”3 I disagree with Dr. Holdren because the risks of geo-engineering are too great for it ever to be worth experimenting on our climate.

The 2014-study, “Potential climate engineering effectiveness and side effects during a high carbon dioxide-emission scenario,” conducted by David P. Keller, Ellias Y. Feng & Andreas Oschlies, concluded that most common climate engineering methods have potentially severe side effects and are relatively ineffective at reducing warming.

Many dismiss chemical streaming as a conspiracy theory and not based on reality. According to Wikipedia, there have been no large-scale climate engineering projects except one isolated project of a Mr. Russ George. However, they do acknowledge that the U.S. Congress, NASA, the Royal Society, the U.K. Parliament and the Institute of Mechanical Engineers have all investigated geo-engineering. However, Kristin Meghan and many, many others are claiming that chemical streaming is a reality and the internet is filling with testimonies to this effect. People are filming the criss-crossing lines of what are believed to be chemtrails in the sky and downloading them on the internet. Activist groups are setting up websites bringing the topic to the public of chemical streaming and attempting to put pressure on governments to stop injecting these harmful substances into our atmosphere. Do your own investigation of climate engineering and chemical streaming and come to your own conclusion on the fact or fiction of climate engineering and chemtrails.

Shawn Stevens



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