Health Risks Of 5G

Posted by Jeremy on September 4, 2020

Letter To MP'S On Health Risks Of 5G

Dear MP

I am a Canadian who is concerned over the potential health risks that 5G technology poses to Canadians. One vigorous debate over the years is over the question of whether or not low frequency radiation is detrimental to our health. Electromagnetic radiation is commonly classified into two types: ionizing radiation and non iodizing radiation. Everyone agrees that exposure to ionizing radiation causes damage to living tissue, and may result in radiation sickness, cell damage, radiation burns, cancer and death. However, debate persists over the dangers of non iodizing radiation.
Many experts have warned of radiofrequency electromagnetics as being possibly carcinogenic to humans. 5G radio towers will emit greater amounts of low frequency radiation than what our current 4G towers do. No one knows what will be the health effects upon people living near these towers. I am one of many Canadians who do not wish to be apart of the 5G experiment. Thank you for hearing my concern.

Shawn Stevens