Resist China


Prepare to be swamped, overtaken, imperialized and sucked dry by China. No, it doesn't have to be that way. We can change course. We can resist the giant, on a national level and even on a personal level. However, we should be concerned about the path our Liberal leaders have placed our country on. We should be concerned about the direction our leaders are steering us in. We should be concerned and change course.

When I talk about the threat that China poses I am not referring to the common man or woman in China. They are not our enemy. In fact, we stand with them in their struggle to become free. I am declaring emphatically that the communist government of China is our enemy, has done much damage, has disregarded human rights and if they are not restrained from accomplishing their goals, will take over the world. As we are sitting here, China is positioning itself to gain supremacy in economics and in military tactical operations on land, sea, air and even, outer space.


On this sub pages we will discuss topics like: 

  1. Can communism and the free world co-exist?
  2. China and cyber warfare.
  3. China and space.
  4. China and biological warfare.
  5. China and high tech weapons.
  6. China and debt bondage.